About Us . . .

My name is Julie


and I am the owner of Accounting In Your Sleep.

My business is called that because that is exactly what Xero Accounting System does. While you are asleep it downloads all your transactions and then using either rules set by you or looking at how you have previously posted transactions it works out where to post the previous days bank transactions.

I have run my own small business’s all my life and one of the problems I experienced in running my own business is that after working all day I had to go home and do all my book keeping or pay someone to do it for me. It was costly both in time and money and I didn’t look forward to doing it.

Believe it or not, after I started using Xero book keeping started to become a pleasure and I actually looked forward to it rather than avoiding it. In fact I loved it so much that I set up this business so I could share it with other like minded small business owners.

Whats more Xero works on you iphone, android, ipad and PC or Mac. So now you can quickly invoice customers on the run, take photos of your receipts and record them so you never lose track of expenses again and can quickly and easily check on your business at any time in any place with ease.

Assisting small business on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast , Brisbane and all areas in between. строим каркасные дома