Happy Wife Happy Life

Happy Wife Happy Life

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Are you so busy running a business together that your relationship is suffering?

Its important to do all you can to make working together be a rewarding experience and not a marriage breaker. Some ideas that might help include:

 No talking work in the bedroom.  I know because I have done it myself, and it’s more possibly a women’s trait. Your head hits the pillow and the first thing she says is……….did you call and confirm that appointment for tomorrow? It’s really important to make time to deal with business matters and make sure that the bedroom is left for the relationship.

Be Professional in your working relationship. If you are in a traditional workplace and someone does something wrong or falls behind then workplace etiquette dictates that it be dealt with professionally. If your Secretary fell a little behind in some administration tasks you would usually politely ask what the problem is and then try and find a solution. There is a grave danger that when we are more intimate with someone we don’t always give them the same professional respect but rather let fly with “ what have you been doing all day” followed by a dragging of the working life into the personal life by perhaps a futile dose of ‘the silent treatment’.

Have a work meeting. Rather than just trying to figure things out on the couch in between the ads, the footy and kids make time to sort out work matters in a way that is beneficial to the relationship and the business. Maybe take time to go out for a bite to eat with an agenda and get things sorted.

Be each other’s cheerleaders. Now by that I don’t mean that you should put on a skimpy skirt and some pom-poms and put on a show for each other. Although of course if you feel like it, go for it! What I am talking about is the fact that when you ate having a bad time at work, for example you are really busy or a vital piece of equipment has broken down you are both going to be stressed and this can really impact on a relationship. So make sure that you both step back at times and encourage each other, even when you are feeling a bit over it. Without actually making a roster it might be that you have to actually make sure that you take turns to be the one that holds it together and stays positive for the sake of the other person.

Divide the Labour. Just like in any other office decide who is going to take responsibility for what and divide up the tasks evenly. Nothing hurts a relationship like the blame game. Make sure that everyone knows their roles and is able to perform them adequately. Don’t be afraid to get help. Spending a few dollars to get some help, as you need it is a lot cheaper than mending or ending a relationship.

Be each other’s PR team. Make sure that whenever you get a chance you praise the other person and what they do in the business to other people. It is great for business; great for morale and even better more importantly, great for your relationship. People want to do business with happy teams. 

Dream Big. If you don’t have a dream than what is the purpose of your business. Everybody knows self employment can be really hard work. You have to create dreams and aim for the the stars to make it all worthwhile. теплые каркасные дома

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